Our Mission

Our country needs a return to our conservative values more than ever, but that change won't come from Washington, DC. It will come from patriotic Americans across the country who are tirelessly fighting on the frontlines to restore constitutional and fiscally-responsible government, protect our communities, and put our country first.

America's Greatness is here to reinforce grassroots conservatives on the ground with the tools and resources that are required to win because America's future will be decided by our people, not our politicians.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” - Buckminster Fuller, Inventor

Our Agenda

Restore Fiscal Responsibility in Government

Stop big spending and reduce the debt

We support the patriots fighting to put an end to the bloated fiscal mismanagement of our government and the reckless tax-and-spend agenda that has ballooned our national debt, spiked inflation, and crushed our economy.

Restore Public Safety

Keep communities safe and return to the rule of law

We have the back of Americans rising up to keep their communities safe and put an end to dangerous policies that encourage crime, put criminals back onto the streets, and undermine the authority and safety of law enforcement.

Restore American Sovereignty

Secure our borders, restore fair trade, and put America First

We stand with Americans everywhere fighting to put an end to the flow of drugs and crime over our open border, unfair trade deals that hurt workers and undermine our nation's economic security, and a misguided foreign policy that puts America last.

Restore Constitutional Government

Stop government overreach, ensure fair elections, and fight big tech censorship

We are fighting alongside patriotic Americans alarmed by the abusive weaponization of our federal government against political opponents, the declining integrity of our elections and respect for the rules, and all-powerful and ideological technology companies that censor and silence Americans without any accountability.

Your donation will support the America's Greatness PAC and its efforts to help elect conservative candidates and promote conservative causes.